Get Healthy with Phuket Halal restaurants

Get Healthy with Phuket Halal restaurants

Why Halal Food is Beneficial to Your Health? We all know that Halal food means food that Muslim people are allowed to eat. The word itself means ‘permitted’ in Arabic. However, apart from religious reasons, eating Halal can improve your health as well. The Halal guidelines are actually very logical and promote health and hygiene as you will see below.


First of all, Halal meat has to come from an animal properly slaughtered. As Islam teaches its people to respect and be grateful for the animals. Animals that are already dead are not permitted because nobody knows whether they died from a disease or anything harmful to health. Therefore it is always best to consume only meat of which the source is known.

The slaughtering process is usually fast and permits the blood to drain quickly for consumption of animal blood is not permitted. Animal blood can be dangerous to eat if not cooked properly. The Muslim slaughtering process is not only healthier but also more humane because the animals do not suffer. That is a way to treat them with respect.

In addition, the preparation process should be clean and does not involve any unlawful act. Halal restaurants are visited and checked by authorized personnel to verify that the environment, the ingredients, and the preparation are clean and up to Halal standards. This could ensure that you will be buying quality and healthy Halal food.

With the term ‘healthy’, ‘clean’, and ‘hygienic’ along with all the rules for Halal food, you probably are thinking of tasteless healthy food. Good news, that is absolutely wrong! Halal food are just like normal food with a different way of preparation. And now that you are in Thailand, chances are Halal food that you find is going to be super yummy.

Now you are tempted to try out a Halal restaurant in Thailand. So where should you go?

In fact, not only Muslims eat Halal food. Many major brands are also given Halal certification. In Thailand these days it is not uncommon to see Halal signs on various food products. Actually Halal is also part of our everyday life.

The biggest Muslim community in Thailand is in its southern part. It is much more common in the south to see Muslim-operated restaurants and places with a Halal sign. One of the best places to eat Halal food is Phuket. Apart from being a tourism hub and one of the most developed cities in southern Thailand, Phuket’s culinary culture is rich and you will have no problem finding an excellent Phuket Halal restaurant.

The variety of Phuket Halal restaurants ranges from western-style to more traditional places. You name it. Phuket has everything for everyone. From luxurious Phuket halal restaurants to food stalls that line up the streets. You will never stay hungry and you will surely have the best food experience with delicious and healthy Phuket Halal restaurants.